Instituto de Fiscalização e Controle (IFC) led audits at 26 health centers in April with participation from the community. The audits sought to encourage more direct civic involvement in the control of services and in monitoring public spending. Before the audits, volunteers were specifically trained to analyze and monitor public health facility services. These volunteers took surveys from patients and residents and recorded information at the facilities.

The audit results were then presented at a public event in the city with the mayor, representatives from various health departments and community members. The audit pointed out shortcomings and irregularities for which the mayor has pledged to take steps to fix. The IFC team will return to report on the facilities within the next four months.

The IFC has already performed audits in more than 40 cities across the country, with an average of 70% of their suggestions being adopted. And this week the Institute was awarded the III Prêmio República de Valorização do Ministério Público, winning first place in the Social Responsibility category. The award recognizes innovative work in civic rights.

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