Manoel de Andrade – Instituto Coração de Estudante

The Heart Student Institute works in Ceará since 1994 using cooperative learning to encourage and support youth and adults to enter the university and return to their home communities to help local development . The organization was born from the idea of a young guy who decided to help other young people of his small community to enter the university.

Under a tree, with other seven  young students , Manoel de Andrade started this story which  is promoting the development of grassroots communities in Ceará through student and social leadership and, now, became a national standard in education.

Manoel , a son of farmers, was born in Cipó. As there was no school in the city, he was taken by his grandparents to Fortaleza and had the opportunity to study. He entered university and now has a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Federal University of Ceará .

Through the Cooperative Education Program in Cell, the Prece, 13 Popular Schools were created and allowed the entry of more than 500 students in higher education.