In 2003, we organized the first of what would become an annual fundraising Gala held in New York City. Until then, our operating budget was largely covered through foundation grants and small donations, but the substantial increase in proposals demanded more staff, more time, and more resources.


With critical help from the board, the inaugural Gala took place at the University Club in Manhattan selling out all thirty tables for a grand sum of over 200,000 dollars. Since then, the Gala has become a highly anticipated affair not just in New York but Miami and Sao Paulo as well, providing Brazilian philanthropists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and artists an evening to celebrate their country and contribute to organizations making positive social change in Brazil.


In every corner of the country, one can now find someone who has benefited from our work be it directly from a grant or indirectly through improved social conditions. This is in large part due to the exceptional staff, loyal supporters, dedicated partners and inspiring grantees that make-up our far-reaching community.