We’re asking for your donation to help the organization Expedicionários da Saúde (EDS)

EDS, our partner, is helping indigenous and riverine communities in Roraima, Pará and Amazonas who are experiencing alarming rates of COVID-19 infections through support to small, regional hospitals and field hospitals.

How your donation can help

EDS plans to supply the region with oxygen canisters – the devices that provide oxygen to the most ill patients. EDS will also bring PPE to healthcare workers, and food baskets to residents.


Help EDS provide relief to one of the most vulnerable populations during the pandemic. Donate now for the Amazon!

“Success is possible with the help of many hands, and through much dedication. That’s why we depend on the support of others and of organizations, whose union of efforts is fundamental for saving many lives.” – Márcia Abdala, Chief Coordinator, EDS