Gauss Fund

Scholarships, mentoring and multidisciplinary support for socially vulnerable adolescents and youth

Gauss’ mission is to provide access to high-quality education to underprivileged youth with great potential, offering scholarships, mentoring and multidisciplinary support. Founded in 2014, Gauss has been present in 4 Brazilian states and has supported over 110 students with an 80% success rate of students enrolling into solid higher education institutions. More than 60 active students are supported by Gauss every year with a network of 140 volunteers.

The Gauss Fund aims to ensure the continuity of Gauss’ projects and to enable the implementation of new long-term projects linked to Gauss’ mission. Their current work consists of i) selecting underprivileged students at the end of high school, ii) strengthening their academic development with scholarships at preparatory courses and iii) connecting students with mentors and other multidisciplinary support, to help them attain quality higher education. The long-term projects include continued financial and psychological support to students through higher education, aiming at minimizing drop-out rates.

Funds will primarily be directed to maintain Gauss’ current activities, including expenses with preparatory course fees, complementary study tools, such as writing practice for entrance exams, student costs with meals, transportation and housing as well as professional psychological support. The resources will also help to make possible long-term projects that focus on providing additional support to students already enrolled in higher education.

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