From São Paulo to New York – Connecting Innovators Through Communications

What do you get when you bring together people from community journalism and communications in Brazil with partners and supporters from diverse fields across New York City? Priceless exchanges, lessons and new perspectives! Last week Cesar Gouveia, Founder of Jornal Vozes da Vila Prudente, and Tony Marlon, Founder of Escola de Notícias, travelled to New York City to connect with BrazilFoundation supporters and innovators in the media fields, fostering dialogue about youth empowerment and communications strategies for social justice on the local and international scale.

Over the week the two journalists visited and brainstormed with professionals at international media outlets including NBC Universal, Rede Globo Internacional, and Bloomberg. There were also opportunities to share methodologies with Witness, an organization that trains people around the world to safely use video to document and uphold human rights in their communities, and TheGrio, one of the most prominent media outlets geared towards the African American audience in the United States.

The pair also gave two open talks, one in New York City, and the other in Old Greenwich, Connecticut – a particularly special encounter as it attended by high school members of the BrazilFoundation Youth Council. In Connecticut, Tony and Cesar challenged the youth to think about their futures and potential, telling them of the paths they took to found their own social projects.  The exchanges were not only extremely valuable and eye-opening to those who attended, but also to Cesar and Tony themselves, “The chance to go to another country and explain to many different people that we believe in our youth like we believe in our country was very valuable, because we didn’t just show them about the projects in which we are 100% involved, but also many other projects as well” noted Cesar. We can’t wait to see to where the new connections made may lead in the future!