The name, by mere coincidence, is almost the same as the famous pianist Rohan de Silva, born in Sri Lanka. But no one doubts that this name is Brazilian when the flutist from Pará presents his name in full: Rohan Ferrão Silva Silva – even so with a repetition of the most common surname in Brazil, taken from his father and mother.

A member of the Instituto Musical do Nordeste Paraense Arte Show Vigia (Musical Institute of the Northeast Parense Art Show in Vigia), a project created four years in the city of Vigia de Nazaré, a city in Pará, the young man came to New York in September to perform at the tenth annual BrazilFoundation Gala. Playing part of the piece “Bachianas Brasileiras nº 2”, by Heitor Villa-Lobos, he evoked much emotion in the audience. “Even I was surprised by my performance when I watched the video afterwards, at that moment I did not even notice that I was playing well”, said the young man from Pará.

Rohan had another reason to be happy: that very day was his 18th birthday – as well as it being the first time that he performed for an international audience outside of Brazil. “Everyone at the party congratulated him, even Rodrigo Santoro [a Brazilian actor]”, said José Vale, maestro and creator of the Instituto Musical do Nordeste Paraense Arte Show Vigia project. Vale also accompanied Rohan on his eight day-long trip to New York.

His visit also included two tickets to attend a performance by the New York Symphonic Orchestra and a private class with Gretchen Pusch, flute professor at the prestigious The Juilliard School. “She taught me some techniques on high notes and corrected some of my right hand movements, but said that I was doing very well”, said Rohan, proudly.

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