Farmacy and BrazilFoundation Team up to Support Fundação Lar Feliz Daycare in Bahia, Brazil

A portion of Farmacy’s new product “Very Cherry Bright” sales will be donated to the daycare

To celebrate the launch of its new VERY CHERRY BRIGHT 15% clean vitamin C serum, Farmacy will donate a portion of proceeds to support the local community from which it sources its acerola cherry, a key ingredient in its new serum. In partnership with BrazilFoundation, Farmacy will donate up to US$ 25,000 to Fundação Lar Feliz (Happy Home Foundation), a children’s foundation in Northeastern Brazil. Fundação Lar Feliz has been a grantee partner of BrazilFoundation since 2014.

For every Very Cherry Bright serum purchased, Farmacy will donate US$ 1 to Fundação Lar Feliz (up to US$ 15,000). Funds will help provide children and youth five full meals a day and educational programming. To encourage its consumers, partners, and community to get involved, Farmacy will donate an additional US$ 10 per post, per person (up to US$ 10,000) for each Instagram post generating awareness for this cause with #CherryBrightFuture and @farmacybeauty in the caption. The campaign runs through the end of 2019.

The product is available only in the U.S. and Canada online at and at Sephora in stores and online August 6th.

About Farmacy
Farmacy is a revolutionary clean, cruelty-free line of farm-to-skin products. The brand represents natural at a new level—unlocking the full power of natural ingredients with cutting-edge science to develop clean, thoughtful formulas. Farmacy explores local farms around the world in pursuit of unique ingredients, recently partnering with an organic farm in Northeastern Brazil for their Very Cherry Bright product. Farmacy also supports causes committed to broadening access to fresh, quality produce to combat child hunger and malnutrition.

About Fundação Lar Feliz
Fundação Lar Feliz (Happy Home Foundation), founded in 1998, provides comprehensive care for families and children from 0 to 12 years of age from a community in Juazeiro, Bahia, a region marked by considerable poverty and high rates of violence, malnutrition, child abuse and sexual exploitation. The organization aims to promote healthy, happy children by providing them five meals a day, medical, dental and psychological care, as well as sports, education and cultural activities. The organization also works with the children’s families, offering them workshops and professional training courses to generate income.