Black History Month Mes da Historia Negra BrazilFoundation

Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a movement to celebrate the important contributions of Black people to the country’s history.

BrazilFoundation Fundos Filantrópicos

Funds of BrazilFoundation

Through the Funds, we help large donors carry out their missions, we help non for profit to capture and allow donors to direct their donations to areas and causes of interest.

Chuvas em Minas Gerais

SOS Minas Gerais

With the rains in the region, 341 towns are in an emergency, leaving more than 16,000 people homeless. BrazilFoundation is receiving donations to help two partner organizations.

SOS Bahia

SOS Bahia   The rains in Bahia caused a lot of damage, leaving thousands of families homeless. BrazilFoundation can help you send support to the region. We will send your donation until the end of January to Ação da Cidadania, created in 1993 by sociologist Herbert de Souza, Betinho, to combat hunger in Brazil. The […]