“Change can happen through our own hands, and that is what we believe,” said young entrepreneur Lilian do Prado, founder of ACREDITAR, upon accepting her award at the II Gala Sao Paulo. This spirit was contagious on Monday night, resulting in more than R$1 million being raised to fund projects in the areas of Education and Culture, Health, Socioeconomic Development, Human Rights and Civic Engagement, and Social Enterprise.

500 people attended, including businessmen, artists, celebrities and organizations from the third sector. BrazilFoundation highlighted the work of four youth who are transforming Brazil: Lilian do Prado, founder of the microfinance organization ACREDITAR, which has already invested in more than 9,000 small businesses in Pernambuco and Ceará; Rene Silva, who founded the newspaper Voz da Comunidade, that has for 10 years worked to bring visibility and justice to residents from Complexo do Alemão; Vherá Poty, for his leadership in the village Tekoá Pindó Mirim and his collaboration with Instituto Sementes ao Vento. Designer Pedro Lourenço was presented with the Global Brazilian Award.

A total of R$ 1 million was raised: R$ 225,000 from the auction, R$ 685,000 from ticket sales, and R$ 90,000 from donations.

Master Sponsor: Goldman Sachs
Sponsor: Alexandre Birman
Partners: Ayrosa, Agência Verbo, Vogue Brasil
Benefactors: Alyson and Will Landers, André Laport, Bloomberg Philanthropies, BTG Pactual, Grupo BMW, Iracilda and Pedro Lichtinger, Jones Day, & Juliana Santos
Chair: Paulo Leme,President of Goldman Sachs Brazil
Host Committee: Alexandre Lima, Amelia Whitaker, Arthur Martinho, Camila Tariki, Celeste Boucinhas, Dan Klabin, Daniela Zurita, Drey Dias, Fellipe Trindade, Fernanda Ingletto Vidigal, Flavia Brunetti, Helio Calfat, Hugo Gloss, Isabella Pinheiro, Juliana Droghetti, Kelly Piquet, Lele Navas, Lele Saddi, Lilly Sarti, Luiz Fernando Camargo, Francesca Alterio, Marcelo Fernandes, Mariana Kupfer, Pedro Tourinho, Raphael Mendonça, Rejane de Paula, Stephanie Lichtinger, Stephanie Schultz Wenk, and Tais Cabral


Lilian Prado

In 2001, Lilian founded ACREDITAR, a microfinance institution, operated and managed by youth, that works in seven cities in Pernambuco and two in Ceará, having already supported more than 5,000 businesses in the areas of irrigation, organic farming and food production.

Rene Silva

Rene Silva was only 11 years old when he created  the community newspaper “Voz da Comunidade”. Dreaming of  becoming a journalist, he wanted the newspaper to give greater visibility to the thousands of people living in Complexo do Alemao, Rio de Janeiro.

Vherá Poty

At 19, Cacique Vherá Poty became chief of the lndígena Guarani do Lomba do Pinheiro community in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. He is leader for Institute Sementes ao Vento, supported by BrazilFoundation in 2013, which aims to train community leaders and contribute to improving living conditions of indigenous communities in the region while promoting sustainable practices.


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