I Gala São Paulo, May 29, 2014

After holding annual galas in New York for the last 11 years and after three editions of the Miami Gala, BrazilFoundation held its first Gala in São Paulo. The event, which was held on Thursday, 05/29, at the Maria Luisa & Oscar Americano house, represented a coming home of sorts for the Foundation, holding its first major fundraiser in the country that has been the focus of its philanthropic efforts.

The honorees of the night included Gilberto Gil (member of the advisory board of the Foundation), who  received the “Global Brazilian Award” and then sung two songs; the Victor Civita Foundation, represented on stage by Giancarlo Civita; and Dagmar Garroux (Tia Dag), for her work on education realized through the Casa do Zezinho. Rohan do Pará, from the Art Show Vigia Music Institute of the Northeast of Para, paid tribute to the singer and composer from Bahia during the event.

During the cocktail hour, musicians from Grota String Orchestra played while guests ushered in. The project is part of the Grota Cultural Space, founded in Niterói (RJ) in 1995, and now supported by BrazilFoundation. During the cocktail hour, there was also a Capoeira performance, courtesy of the“Sons of the Shackles” Cultural Association, a capoeira school that received funding this year from the Foundation.

Masters of Ceremonies: Marília Gabriela
Honorees: Dagmar Garroux, Casa do Zezinho | Roberto Civita, Fundação Vitor Civita | Gilberto Gil, Brazilian Singer
Special Performances: Gilberto Gil, The Shoe, Espaço Cultural da Grota, Instituto Musical do Nordeste Paraense Arte Show Vigia



Founder of Casa do Zezinho

Dagmar Garroux

Fundação Victor Civita

Roberto Civita

Global Brazillian Award

Gilberto Gil



Chairs: Zeco and Mariana Auriemo
Co-Chairs: Andre Laport and Will Landers
Host Committee: Alexandre Gabriel, Andrea Chamma, Anna Cavalcanti, Antonio Fragoso, Bruno Couto, Carlos Souza, Christina Ganut, Danilo Faro, David Hertz, Drey Dias, Fernanda Barbosa, Gilda Amado, Helio Campos, Heloisa Rocha, Isabella Fiorentino, Jan Olesen, Lianinha Moraes, Lise Grendene, Luiz Lacerda, Malu Millerman, Marcela Scarpa, Marcelo Fernandes, Mariana Kupfer, Marina Morena, Matheus Mazzafera, Melany Kuperman, Nathalia Abi-Ackel, Nathalie Klotz Auler, Regiane Bochichi, Renata Queiroz de Moraes, Ricardo Sirigatti, Sergio Amorim, Sofia Paz, Tatiana Pilão, Theodoro Cochrane.
Benefactors: Alyson & Will Landers, Antonio Fragoso, Chanel, Evelyn Ioschpe, Gabriela Temer, Giancarlo Civita, Jair Ribeiro, Newton Simoes.
Patrons: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg, BTG Pactual, Carla Amorim, Cinara Ruiz, Eugenio Mattar, Fabio Resegue & Pedro Asprino, Gilda Amado, Jones Day, JP Morgan, Marcela Scarpa & Lianinha Moraes, Mariana & José Auriemo, Martha Medeiros, Renata Queiroz de Moraes, Singular Partners, Telehelp, Valentino.



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