The Event

The Cause: Fighting Hunger in Brazil

BrazilFoundation will return to holding in-person events, starting with its annual dinner in New York. The event will raise funds for additional humanitarian COVID-19 relief in Brazil, and will also celebrate notable social leaders who have made important contributions to fighting hunger in the country during the pandemic.


The event will host a maximum of 400 guests and follow all current safety guidelines established by the City of New York.


October 28th, 2021


583 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065


Edu Lyra Gerando Falcões 2021 BrazilFoundation NY DInner

Edu Lyra

Edu Lyra is the founder of Gerando Falcões, an organization that serves thousands of families in favelas all around Brazil through education, culture, professional training and income generation. During the pandemic, GF raised more than R$ 60 million, benefiting around 1 million people with the “Corona no Paredão, Fome Não” campaign. Edu was selected by the World Economic Forum as one of fifteen young people who can change the world, thus joining the Global Shapers team. In 2020, he received the Valor Econômico award, as the Social Entrepreneur of the Year, due to the huge success of the campaign to fight hunger, and the Folha de São Paulo Social Entrepreneurship Award.

Masters of Ceremonies

Ingrid Silva & Marco Pigossi



Claudia Amboss BrazilFoundation 2021 New York Dinner

Claudia Amboss

Claudia Amboss is an interior designer and event planner, currently working at her company Projecta Interior Design. A BrazilFoundation supporter for over 15 years, she has organized various fundraising events for the foundation. Furthermore, she and her husband Rodolpho Amboss sponsored the foundation’s past four galas. She co-chaired the Live Benefit in 2020, and is currently a BrazilFoundation board member leading its fundraising and marketing committee.

Cristiana Mascarenhas BrazilFoundation 2021 New York Dinner

Cristiana Mascarenhas

Cristiana Mascarenhas is a Brazilian architect. For the last 30 years she has led In Plus, Inc., an interior design studio in New York that also works out of Brazil and Europe. She is a long-time BrazilFoundation supporter, and participated in the 2020 Live Benefit’s committee.


Mauricio Morato BrazilFoundation 2021 New York Dinner

Mauricio Morato

Mauricio Morato is an economist and former banker in Brazil and the U.S. He has been a longtime supporter of BrazilFoundation, first as a volunteer and then as a board member from 2019 to 2021. At BrazilFoundation, Mauricio led the board’s Development and Marketing committee, and co-chaired the 2020 Live Benefit. Currently, he leads the international fundraising arm of Rede Gerando Falcões, a São Paulo-based CSO.



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