Entrepreneurs Graduate from Accelerated Program

Becoming an entrepreneur, accelerating your business, creating a sustainable business model – these are the topics that form the base of FA.VELA – Fundo de Aceleração Vela’s work. The organization provides education in entrepreneurship to low-income residents in Belo Horizonte with business ambitions.

Just this week, another group of entrepreneurs graduated from FA.VELA’s program. Thirteen of the 48 entrepreneurs participated in their “Pipa” project, supported through BrazilFoundation’s Minas Fund. The entrepreneurs are residents of the Morro do Papagaio neighborhood in Belo Horizonte, a community that sees high illiteracy rates, few professional training opportunities for youth, and low employment rates in the formal economy.

“From the moment that we utilize what we learned in school and we talk with entrepreneurs like hairdressers, car washers or street vendors, for example, we instill entrepreneurial skills in their day to day practices. And this is very important, this is what makes the difference”, says João Souza, President and Director of FA.VELA.

The program’s impact on the entrepreneurs and their communities are evident. The initiative improves their self esteem and encourages them to be the leaders in transforming the realities of their neighborhoods.

“PIPA has made us demand more of ourselves, to always do the best and have the best. Professionally, the program made me believe that if I want something I can get it. It made me want to learn more about the field, and to see that I must be organized in all aspects – that even though something may be difficult, I have to always keep trying” Jéssica Campos, entrepreneur trained through PIPA, from Morro do Papagaio.