Every year BrazilFoundation holds the Training Workshop event in Rio de Janeiro to welcome leaders of grantee organizations with the objective of exchanging knowledge and ideas so they can carry on their work.

On May 4th through 7th, 58 leaders of the 28 grantee organizations selected for support through the Annual Selection Process and 6 leaders of the 3 organizations supported by the Carioca Fund participated in the event in the town of Conservatoria, Rio de Janeiro, officially kicking off of the 2012 grant cycle. Partners, volunteers, and donors were there as well to greet grantees and to participate in the event along with the BrazilFoundation staff. 

The BrazilFoundation theater group “Artistas de Nós” opened the four day event with a presentation to discuss the topic “What’s the purpose of an NGO?”  The interactive exhibition used different media and tools to facilitate the discussion.

On following days, workshops covered topics such as Planning and Management, which included topics Sustainability, Integrated Management, Sustainable Relations, Work Plan, Legal Aspects of the Non-Profit Sector, Monitoring and Evaluation; Financial Management, which covered Budget Management, Expense Control, Accounting, Fundraising; and Communications, which discussed Internal Communication, Organization Identity, Communication Plan and Digital Media. The BrazilFoundation Monitoring team led group discussions as well as individual support to each participating organization.

Board Member Karin Dauch, along with Daniela Atwell, Pierre Thomé de Souza, Bernardo Carvalho and the Gala Miami Co-Chairs Carol Mello and Daniela Fonseca attended the event for the first time and were able to personally meet grantee organizations and their leaders.

“I think the training process held annually by BrazilFoundation is one of the most plausible things made by NGOs in the 21st Century. This opportunity provides social managers with an opportunity to have a new perspective about management and communications with partners and funders. Therefore, I congratulate Leona Forman for the creation of the Foundation and Patricia Lobaccaro for her multilateral and articulated vision.”
Pierre Thomé de Souza

On the last day, a presentation by Guillermo Correa, Executive Coordinator of RACI -International Cooperation Network of Argentina, opened up room for discussion on new fundraising tools and ideas.

TAM Airlines, a BrazilFoundation partner since 2006, sponsored once again airline tickets for members of all grantee organizations who flew to Rio de Janeiro from all corners of the country. Additionally, two TAM employees joined the group participating in the Management and Planning workshops.

 A feeling of satisfaction for the well done work, was shared by the entire BrazilFoundation team at the end of the event. Evident enthusiasm and commitment left better prospects for the future, both for each participating organization and for BrazilFoundation. “
Susane Worcman
Vice President and Excutive Director Brazil