Connecting Those Who Promote Opportunities in Brazil

Last week in Rio de Janeiro, three organizations supported by BrazilFoundation opened their homes to our partners and donors from Miami, Boston, and Rio de Janeiro. The visits gave the donors the opportunities to see up close the work that is transforming communities, while strengthening relationships between those who are coming together to promote opportunities in Brazil.

The first site visit was made to Parque e Instituto Sitiê, an eco-park that promotes integration and sustainability in Vidigal through environmental education, entrepreneurship, and technology and design. Next, it was off to Saúde Criança Responder, which supports and guides families of children undergoing hospital treatment, with focus on health, education, professional training, housing, and civic engagement. The last visit was to Spectaculu, a school that teaches art and technology to youth in Rio, focusing on personal growth for eventual professions in the entertainment industry.