Children Embrace Campaigns in Brazil

As Children’s Days approaches, Brazilian children are fundraising for social organizations that work with children in Brazil. Nearly 500 children are collecting donations in piggy banks for the “Abrace o Brasil” campaign, a BrazilFoundation initiative to raise resources for 100 organizations and plant seeds of philanthropy for the future.

In Boulder, Colorado, Sofia, who likes to save up coins to buy candy, is now filling up her donation can for ONG Amigos da Vida. The money she raises will help the organization build playrooms at hospitals for children with HIV/AIDS – the toys being powerful tools in their treatment and recovery.

Thiago is selling candy, cookies and used video games to raise money for the campaign. Thomas is washing cars and selling brigadeiros for Casa do Rio to build a school for children in the Amazon. Carolina “embraced” the semiarid and is fundraising for CEPFS to build cisterns that provide water security in Paraíba.

In New Jersey, Genny is filling her bank for Spectaculu in Rio de Janeiro, a program that trains youth for careers in the performing arts and audiovisual technology.

Joaquim, in Connecticut, chose to “embrace” Vaga Lume, an organization that builds community libraries in the Amazon. His brother, Emmanuel, is fundraising for Instituto Esporte e Educação, an organization founded by volleyball champion Ana Moser, that promotes physical education in the community and public schools.

These children are wonderful examples for their peers! No matter what the initiative is for, it’s important to help.
Embrace the children, embrace Brazil!