Centenário Fund

Support for educational, research and innovation projects at the UFRGS School of Engineering

The Centenário Fund supports educational, research and innovation projects at the UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) School of Engineering. The entity is structured as a non-profit association, with the design of an endowment fund. The resources it generates to support projects come only from the principal’s income; consequently, every donation essentially bears fruit for eternity.

The fund currently supports two projects: scholarships for 11 high-potential and socially vulnerable students, and a mentoring program that connects more than 200 students with market professionals.

About the Centenário Fund
The Centenário Fund believes in the potential of education and long-term mindsets for societal development. In this way, its objective is to financially support the School of Engineering’s initiatives, connect the academic community with alumni and bring civil society closer to the university.