Organization offering assistance to victims of domestic violence presents conference paper at international conference

Silence is one of the greatest challenges in the fight against domestic violence, a crime that primarily affects women. Supported by the BrazilFoundation in 2010, Chegando Perto (Getting Closer) is a pilot project that was developed by SOS Ação Mulher Família (SOS Action for Women and Family) of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, with the objective of […]

CEPFS receives two more award for work in semi-arid regions of Paraiba

The Centro de Educação Popular e Formação Social (Center for Popular Education and Social Formation, or, CEPFS)—an organization supported by the BrazilFoundation since 2006—received the Prêmio Planeta Casa 2012 (House Planet Award) in São Paulo on October 3, 2012.  An initiative of Revista Casa (House Magazine)—a publication of Editora Abril (April Publishing House)—this award is […]

Building a dream

“One day we decided to dream and believe that through cooperation it might be possible to overcome the cruel statistics about education in our region. In the beginning we were doubtful, but then we looked around and there were so many others like us, willing to walk with us, and we walked. We have seen […]

Carioca Fund Holds Award Ceremony for Carioca Youth Action in Urban Art Project

The Carioca Youth Action in Urban Art project attracted the participation of 32 young cariocas from 24 communities. Divided into eight collaborative teams, the artists created different urban art pieces which reflected their thoughts and talents. They were guided by urban artists Márcio SWK, Guga Ferraz and Alexandre Vogler. The competition was promoted by the […]

Ambassador for BrazilFoundation Australia Visits the Foundation Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro

The Ambassador for BrazilFoundation Australia, famous Australian football player Harry O’Brien, visited the Foundation office in Rio de Janeiro on November 9th. He was received by the executive director of the BrazilFoundation, Susane Worcman, and he thoroughly charmed the members of the foundation team. During his visit, Harry spoke of the struggles he has overcome […]

The Only Brazilian to Play Australian Football Professionally is Named Ambassador for BrazilFoundation of Australia

The only Brazilian to play Australian football (a variation of rugby) professionally, Harry O’Brien, was named the ambassador for BrazilFoundation of Australia on this past August 15th. The athlete works with social projects in Brazil, Australia and Oceania.   Harry was born in Morro da Serrinha, in Madureira, zona norte (the northern zone) of the […]

Instituto Tear celebrates more than one decade of work

  Celebrating the 2000’s Decade, an Instituto Arte de Tear (Art Loom Institute) event will commemorate another decade of this organization’s operations, the organization having been founded in 1980. The event will consist of photos, videos, music, and artistic and cultural activities.   BrazilFoundation has supported the institution since 2006 through Projeto Tear de Histórias […]

Organization supported by BrazilFoundation receives Sustainability Award

The Centro de Educação Popular e Formação Social (Center for Popular and Social Education, or,CEPFS), an organization supported by BrazilFoundation since 2006, received the Prêmio Planeta Casa 2012 (House Planet Award), in São Paulo on October 3rd, 2012.  An initiative of Revista Casa (House Magazine), a publication of Editora Abril (April Publishing House), this award […]