Carlyle Institute and BrazilFoundation close the bid

On August 30th, the Edital do Instituto Carlyle Brasil (Carlyle Brazil Institute Bid) was closed, made through a partnership with BrazilFoundation, to support civil society organizations that work in the field of education in São Paulo. The Carlyle Institute is an initiative of the Grupo Carlyle (Carlyle Group) workers and supporters – one of the […]

BrazilFoundation took part in a Philanthropy Conference in Berkeley

Invited by the InterAmerican Foundation (IAF), BrazilFoundation participated in the “GrantmakersWithout Borders” 12th Annual Conference in September. This year the event focused on “How Philanthropy Can Meet the Challenges of Our Time”.  The event was held onSeptember 5-7-th, in Berkeley, California. Patricia Lobaccaro, BrazilFoundation’s CEO, and Cecília Oswaldo Cruz, Program Manager, talked about the mobilization […]

The videos that moved the New York Gala’s guests

Produced by Board Member Karin Dauch and movie director Gabriel Menes, the three videos showed during the Gala moved all the guests. Each one of them portrays stories of a person who had his or her life transformed by a BrazilFoundation grantee. Their stories symbolize our work. With completely different backgrounds, and from different places […]

Internship Program

During the summer months of July and August, BrazilFoundation’s team was supported by four interns: Nathalia Abi-Ackel, from Brasilia; Victoria Abreu, from Geneva; Philip Rothaus and Jamiah Harris, from New York. Nathalia is studying Communications and Law at Centro Universitário de Brasília (CEUB). Victoria attends high school at Collège du Léman in Geneva, Switzerland. Jamiah […]

String Orchestra of Grota launches CD in honor of his 15 years

The Grota Cultural Space of Surucucu, Niterói offers diverse activities in music, art, culture, education, and citizenship for the local population. One of the activities is the Orquestra de Cordas da Grota, which launched a commemorative CD in June to mark its 15th year, and to open a photo-history exposition. The performance happened in Solar […]

Introducing BrazilFoundation of Australia

When the carioca André Levy returned to Brazil, 12 years ago, after attending a master’s degree at Stanford, in California, BrazilFoundation had just been founded in New York as one of the first international organizations in order to direct investments in social and environmental projects in the country. At that time, the mathematician and master […]

10th Anniversary Gala – Introducing the Honorees

It has been nearly ten years since BrazilFoundation held its first Gala in New York in 2003. This year’s event will be held on September 19th at the American Museum of Natural History. As we celebrate the tenth installment of the Annual Gala, the foundation will honor the Gala’s founder and chair of its first […]