2015 Awards Ceremony at Bloomberg

Project leaders and BrazilFoundation supporters convened at Bloomberg in São Paulo for the 2015 BrazilFoundation Awards Ceremony. Leaders from the 45 organizations selected to receive support in 2015 presented their projects and held discussions with BrazilFoundation partners, sponsors, donors and volunteers from around the world.

Building Bridges and Encouraging Collaboration: Ana Beatriz Barros Visits Associação Cultural Filhos da Corrente

Building bridges and encouraging collaboration – Ana Beatriz Barros, friend and supporter of BrazilFoundation, visited Associação Cultural Filhos da Corrente in Parelheiros, São Paulo, last Friday. After several years of supporting BrazilFoundation’s efforts through galas, this was the first time that Ana Beatriz had the opportunity to take a site visit to a BrazilFoundation grantee and witness their work firsthand. […]