Carlotas co-founders Fabiana Gutierrez and Carla Douglass came to the BrazilFoundation office on Monday, May 16th, to talk to the New York community about the organization’s work. Carlota’s project “Programa de Multiplicadores” is a BrazilFoundation partner since 2015, and uses arts in public schools to teach and develop socio-emotional skills in children and adults. By doing this, they teach empathy, tolerance and respect for diversity, while encouraging people to build healthy and caring relationships.

Fabiana and Carla took time to explain the pillars and fundamental values of their methodologies. At the core of their work is their belief that by transforming interpersonal relations, they can change the world. With this objective in mind, Carlotas uses games, art, discussions to inspire reflection upon self-love, respectful treatment of those who are different, and the idea that no one is perfect. The organization works with both students and teachers in private schools, believing that it is just as important to develop socio-emotional skills in the adults as much as the children.

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