Campaign Abrace o Brasil raises R $ 1.2 million for 100 social organizations


The “Abrace o Brasil” campaign received more than 4,000 donations from 13 countries, totaling over R $ 1.2 million in collections.

Last year was a challenging year for Brazil’s social sector, with a 19% decrease in donations and cuts in social programs by the government. At this time of crisis in Brazil the campaign will be fundamental to 100 social organizations in Brazil in 2018.

For the campaign, BrazilFoundation built a platform to receive international donations and invited social organizations across the country to participate while providing them technical support – many of which had previously had no experience in crowdfunding. Through this strategy, the Foundation and participating organizations mobilized their international network of supporters to raise funds that would continue to help fund projects proposing innovative solutions.

Because of the campaign’s success, many organizations will be able to keep their doors open, such as Wimbelemdom, in Porto Alegre, while others, such as Casa do Rio, Fa.Vela and Quabales, will be able to construct schools and community centers or continue to offer important work in the communities where they operate.

“With the amount we raised we will be able to serve more women, renovate about 10 houses and begin to create a booklet that will be distributed free to the participants. Let’s start 2018 stronger and with the confidence to move forward! “Says Carina Guedes, leader of Arquitetura na Periferia, a project that teaches low-income women how to perform home repairs. The participants are taught planning and construction techniques, getting real “hands on” experience while taking leadership roles in the projects.

In addition to the online donation portal, 1,000 donation cans were distributed to children in Brazil, the United States and Europe, and 1,000 to companies in Brazil and regions in the United States with a strong Brazilian presence, such as New York, Miami, Boston and Newark. The donation can initiative helped to sow the “seeds” of philanthropy among young people and show that everyone can help, no matter the value of the donation.

In Teixeira, Paraíba, we found the greatest example of how all contributions are valuable and can help transform a community. CEPFS, an organization that builds cisterns to ensure water security for families in the semi-arid region, mobilized 270 donors and hit its collection goal of R $ 30,000. The donations came from city officials to some of the small farmers who had at one point benefited from the organization’s work.

“This campaign was undoubtedly a demonstration that there is hope in the community. It was the sum of efforts and donations that allowed us to reach our goal. “- says José Dias Campos, Executive Coordinator of CEPFS.

BrazilFoundation thanks its Board of Directors; partners AcheiUSA, Acontece, Band Minas, Brazilian Times, Bruno Astuto, Doare, Foresti Design, Gazeta Brazilian News, Pedra, Vogue Brasil, Voz das Comunidades; the support of the Brazilian Consulate in New York; the BrazilFoundation Ambassador Flavia Alessandra; its volunteers; and all who participated in the challenge.

{Abrace o Brasil} will be back in the second half of 2018! We hope we can count on you!