Burle Marx Institute Fund of BrazilFoundation

Preserving, Exalting, Celebrating and Giving New Meaning to the Legacy of Burle Marx

In partnership with BrazilFoundation, the fund’s top priority is to safeguard and make public the collections left by Burle Marx and his collaborators through their inventorying, cataloging and digitization.

The 120,000 piece collection is composed of studies, drawings, models, urban projects, letters, photos, and published articles, all of which are carefully preserved in documents. The collection displays the creativity of one of the most innovative thinkers of the 20th century.

Instituto Burle Marx (BMI) aims to preserve and disseminate the collection left by Brazilian landscape architect and artist Burle Marx and his collaborators. The organization’s goal is to connect themes in his works to relevant current topics, effectively giving new meaning to his legacy, and promoting visions of urban landscape transformation and greater equity. The Institute believes that boldness, experimental liberty and aesthetic language can inspire current and future generations – especially youth, artists and urban planners – to create changes and new visions of the future.

About the Institute
The Institute is a recently-founded non-profit organization that aims to learn from and work with other organizations and social groups. BMI was created by dedicated associates at the Burle Marx Studio to make his archive accessible to the public. Haruyoshi Ono, Burle Marx Studio partner and director until 2017, always argued the importance of preserving this archive. In 2019, his daughter Isabela helped continue this mission of safeguarding and disseminating the archive, seeking to inspire new works and to promote cultural, educational and environmental conservation initiatives in collaboration with it.

The Institute operates with an assertive, inclusive and collaborative vision that seeks to raise appreciation for the archive through cultural and educational initiatives and knowledge exchange, while aiming to contribute to Brazilian biome preservation and to improving the relationship between man and nature. Through its work, the Institute also aims to expand discussions on healthier, greener cities and SDGs (particularly number 11), and to promote aesthetic experimentation and freedom of expression.

website: institutoburlemarx.org | Instagram: @institutoburlemarx

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