Building bridges and encouraging collaboration – Ana Beatriz Barros, friend and supporter of BrazilFoundation, visited Associação Cultural Filhos da Corrente in Parelheiros, São Paulo, last Friday. After several years of supporting BrazilFoundation’s efforts through galas, this was the first time that Ana Beatriz had the opportunity to take a site visit to a BrazilFoundation grantee and witness their work firsthand. Ana spent the afternoon with Mestre Magrão and a few of his students, starting off with a trip to a public school where capoeira classes are usually held, where she learned about the project and its challenges. The group then took her to the new Filhos da Corrente headquarters, still under construction, which will enable the organization to serve more students. A trip to Filhos da Corrente would not be complete without experiencing a capoeira “roda”, through which Ana learned a little bit about capoeira.

The chance to meet the people behind Filhos da Corrente was very special for Ana, noting how Mestre Magrão is a visionary for his community through his inspiring initiative.  Ana left Filhos da Corrente with a short message, “It is so important that we never stop dreaming, for it can move mountains…never give up! I’m very impressed with the work of Associação Cultural Filhos Da Corrente. Congratulations to all who stand firm and strong here. I’ll be back here again!”

Learn more about Associação Cultural Filhos da Corrente and their project supported by BrazilFoundation here

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