“One day we decided to dream and believe that through cooperation it might be possible to overcome the cruel statistics about education in our region. In the beginning we were doubtful, but then we looked around and there were so many others like us, willing to walk with us, and we walked. We have seen that it is possible, that we can get to college, that we can begin to change the world around us.” – Aurenir Sales Luz

First, we would like to thank everyone who has supported the BrazilFoundation by raising funds for the construction of a schoolhouse for the students of EPC Paramoti, as well as everyone who helped us to succeed in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge this past September!

As the quotation above illustrates, this project accomplishes so much more than building a schoolhouse. It opens a world of opportunity that helps community members create positive change for themselves, and with each brick laid it constructs a collective dream of generating access to higher education and economic opportunity in rural Ceara. On behalf of the BrazilFoundation, thank you for being a part of this inspiring initiative.

We wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on the progress of the schoolhouse in Paramoti! Aurenir Sales Luz—project coordinator and founder of EPC Paramoti—reports that the foundation for the schoolhouse has been laid and some of the rooms have been built. Please check out the updated pictures below. This campaign could not have come at a better time, as the space EPC Paramoti has used will no longer be available as of November 1. Thankfully, the construction of the schoolhouse has reached a point where students can potentially begin to use the space for their studies.

On a final note: there is still much work to be done! We will continue to fundraise through GlobalGiving until we have met our goal and completed the construction of the schoolhouse, making it fully functional for the students. Right now the EPC Paramoti schoolhouse is still missing doors between the rooms, electricity, floor finishes, and much more. So, spread the word! We’ll leave you with a final expression of gratitude from Aurenir:

“Our gratitude to all who contributed to the campaign to build the EPC Paramot;, we are now all the more aware that only through cooperation can we overcome the challenges we face.”