On August 2nd, a BrazilFoundation volunteer and member of the Young Patrons Committee, Nathália Abi-Ackel, visited the organization Amigos da Vida in Brasília.

Amigos da Vida works to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, fight against prejudice and discrimination, protect human rights, offer legal assistance and orientation to the families of those living with HIV, and provide care and services to orphan children and adolescents with AIDS. This is the first time that Amigos da Vida is a BrazilFoundation grantee.

Nathália comments on her visit:

“Along with seeing the place where the children, families and adults receive legal assistance, we also saw the Renato Russ playroom, where we met some of the patients and had the opportunity to play with them and hear their stories. It was a very moving experience to see the reality that they endure and to see how the playroom and legal assistance has enriched the lives of these children, providing a sense of happiness for them, and literally making a difference in the lives of children who have AIDS. It was really cool to take part in and photograph this process of social inclusion!”

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