On October 14th, at the invitation of Luciano Huck, Susane Worcman, BrazilFoundation Vice president and Executive Director, and Maria Cecilia Oswaldo Cruz, Program Manager, were in São Paulo to visit Instituto Criar. They were welcomed by Luis Alfaya, Director of the Institute, who showed them the space and the activities taking place.

Instituto Criar was created and managed by Luciano, who was recently honored at the BrazilFoundation IX Annual Gala. The Institute is a training school that prepares 150 low income youth between the ages of 17 – 20, every year, in all phases of audiovisual production. It offers students a total of 11 workshops, and after a period of one year, students are directed to the job market. Susane and Maria Cecilia were very impressed with the organization’s facilities and its high quality technical training.