BrazilFoundation’s theater group, Artistas de Nós, was invited by the Grupo de Institutos, Fundações e Empresas (GIFE) to open two workshops at the GIFE Congress, which took place in São Paulo, March 26-30. The event, which this year explored the theme “New Frontiers of Social Investment,” is the premiere conference on social investment in Brazil. The Congress brought together the country’s foremost leaders in corporate social investment, as well as heads of non-profits, academics, consultants and government representatives.


Established by BrazilFoundation in 2006 as part of BrazilFoundation’s Training Workshops, theater is used as a strategic, educational and mobilizing agent for social organization managers who have become grantees by way of the Annual Project Selection. The theater group, Artistas de Nós, interacts with essential issues facing the social arena in a creative and ludic style.


The group performed “O Buraco” in the workshop “Social Investment in Making a Company’s Reputation,” and “Avaliação, por qual caminho eu vou?”  in the workshop “Evaluative Strategies: Distinction, Diversity and Contradiction.”