BrazilFoundation Kicks Off its Youth Council

BrazilFoundation is getting younger, and we couldn’t be more excited. Eight youths met with the Foundation in New York on April 26th to kick off  the Youth Council – a new committee of Brazilians living abroad who are interested in helping Brazil. With this, the foundation hopes to form a new generation committed to philanthropy and social causes.

“In my opinion, BrazilFoundation initiative to form the ‘Youth Council’ is very important,” said Mauricio Morato, the council’s mentor. “It is the first step towards cultivating the next generation of Brazilian volunteers and philanthropists, and my hope is that in the future, these young people will become the leaders of our Foundation.”

Maurício is a BrazilFoundation donor, and was one of the people who inspired the initiative by encouraging his own children Natalia, 14, and Gabriel, 15 to become involved. The two raised money online to support projects through the Foundation’s Community Innovation Award.

Interior designer Marcia Tucker, another BrazilFoundation supporter who also wants to see her children become involved in philanthropy, hosted the meeting. “We can improve the world in which we live, and if we encourage teenagers today, we can ensure that tomorrow’s adults promote social transformations” – said Marcia. “We hope they also spread the message to other youths to impact more and more people.”