BrazilFoundation Recognized as One of the Best NGOs in Brazil!

BrazilFoundation is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of the 100 best NGOs in Brazil through Instituto Doar and Revista Época’s “Prêmio #melhoresOngs” initiative. The award is given to 100 institutions in Brazil that display the best management and transparency. There are more than 300,000 civil society organizations, institutes and philanthropic foundations and associations in Brazil. The award, which is in its first year, received 1,500 entries from across the country; to be among the top 100 is a source of pride.

BrazilFoundation mobilizes resources for ideas and actions that transform Brazil. The Foundation works with local leaders, organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and economic opportunity for all Brazilians. In 17 years, the Foundation has raised more than US$40 million and invested in more than 500 social organizations throughout Brazil in the areas of Education, Health, Culture, Socio-economic Development, Human Rights and Civic Engagement.

An organization’s administrative and financial processes and communications should be public and transparent. Its methodologies, teaching practices and procedures with its target public – unlike its management and resource transparency – cannot and should not be compared or ranked those of other organizations.

Instituto Doar, coordinator of the award, believes that the entire “ecosystem” benefits from the initiative. The objective of the award, in partnership with Revista Época, is to establish systems to guarantee future improvements and increase integrity, legitimacy and resources from donors.

Leona Forman, Founder of BrazilFoundation, and Marcello Hallake, a BrazilFoundation Board Member, represented the Foundation at the award ceremony. Many organizations in BrazilFoundation’s network of grantees also received the award, including Instituto Elos, Casa do Zezinho, Vaga Lume, IPTI, Instituto C, Instituto Fazendo História, SPVS, IPE, Promundo, and organizations supported through the Foundation’s Donor Advised program such as SOS Mata Atlântica, GRAAC and Fundação Estudar.