In November BrazilFoundation will launch its book Brazil, Brasil – 10 Years, One Idea, Many Stories, a work of institutional memory from the Foundation’s first 10 years of existence. Written by the journalist Mauro Ventura, the book tells the history of the Foundation from 2001 to 2011, and in particular it highlights 20 projects that received funding from the Foundation over these 10 years. Leaders from these projects will be at the event.

The launch will take place on November 19th in downtown Rio at the Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal, and it will include presentations by the Grota String Orchestra (Orquestra de Cordas da Grota) and the Foundation’s theater troupe (Grupo de Teatro Artistas de Nós), which will present some of the stories found in the book.

There will be forthcoming book launches in New York, Miami, São Paulo and Brasília. Information on these upcoming events will be released soon.

The book Brazil, Brasil is sponsored by Oi and Oi Futuro through the Ministry of Culture in Brazil, under a law that supports projects deemed important to Brazilian cultural patrimony (Lei de Incentivo à Cultura do Ministério da Cultura do Brasil).

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