BrazilFoundation Presented Solidarity Award in Brasília


In celebration of World AIDS Day, NGO Amigos da Vida held the 4th edition of its Troféu Solidariedade (Solidarity Award) at the JK Memorial Auditorium in Brasília. The award is given to people who have stood out in the fight against AIDS in 2014 and 2015. BrazilFoundation was among several others that received the award, which also included Thierry Claudon, CEO of the French Insurance Group CNP Assurances; Laurent Bili, Ambassador of France in Brazil; Patrick Lawless, Ambassador of Australia in Brazil; Fabio Deboni, Executive Manager of the Sabin Institute; and activist Rugerry Gonzaga, coordinator of a network of HIV-positive youths from Rio de Janeiro.

Christiano Ramos is founder of the NGO Amigos da Vida, which provides care and services to more than 3,000 families affected by the AIDS virus in Brasília. The organization works to combat and prevent the virus as well as protect the rights of people living with HIV / AIDS. Under the leadership of Christiano, who has  been living with HIV/AIDS for 30 years, Amigos da Vida has constructed nine toy libraries in public hospitals, serving 900 children.

Throughout his 15 years as an activist Christiano leads an unequal struggle, fighting alone to improve the quality of life for and prevent exclusion of those who experience a “social death” from AIDS. “We seropositives are more than just a virus, we are people. Like many others, we have dreams and desires. The most lethal of all viruses is the virus of prejudice and discrimination” Says Christiano.

BrazilFoundation has supported Amigos da Vida’s project Direito e Cidadania, providing legal assistance to low-income carriers of HIV/AIDS.

“BrazilFoundation taught me a great lesson: do not believe in charity. Believe yes, in solidarity. Charity is vertical, going from top to bottom. Solidarity is horizontal, respect others and learn from one another. ”