The XII BrazilFoundation Annual Project Selection received 548 proposals from all across Brazil. Evaluated by analysts from the Foundation, 40 finalists were selected – all of which will receive onsite evaluation visits in March and April.  The list of selected projects will be announced on April 19th

The Call for Proposals was launched in October and November of 2012, and nearly 20% of the project proposals received were disqualified for not meeting basic requirements – this automatic disqualification from the process being due to lack of attention.

For the first time, through a donor-advised donation, BrazilFoundation will support four projects for early childhood. This support will be in the form of R$80,000 for two years with the possibility to continue for two more years.  Support in the form of R$40,000 for one year will continue for projects in the areas of education, culture, socioeconomic development and human rights.

Please find the list of 2013 finalists here.