The first BrazilFoundation Australia Gala Dinner is now confirmed for February 26, 2013. As happens every year in NY – and now in 2012, for the first time, in Miami – the event will raise resources for social projects in Brazil. Mara Bún, member of the BrazilFoundationMara Bun Australia Advisory Council and CEO of the Australia Green Cross, will serve as chairperson for the dinner.

The event will be held in Brisbane, Australia and will launch the Brazil Film Festival, a film festival that has been in existence since 2009 and presents the latest, most celebrated productions of Brazilian cinema. The launch of the first BrazilWeek in Australia will also be announced during the Gala with events tied to corporate, cultural, social and environmental causes.

Andre LevyWe congratulate Andre Levy, Managing Director of BrazilFoundation in Australia, and his entire team for this accomplishment.