BrazilFoundation would like to announce an important transition in its Board of Directors: after 15 years of Chairman of the Board, founder Leona Forman will hand over her position to Roberta Mazzariol, who has been a BrazilFoundation board member since its inception. Will Landers, Managing Director at BlackRock, will be the vice-chairman of the board.

BrazilFoundation is celebrating its 15th birthday, and it is remarkable what has been achieved collectively by all who have embraced our vision, building an internationally-recognized institution that is respected by its donors, partners, and audience. I am very proud of the team and the board members for their dedication in keeping the institution focused on our ideals and values,” says Leona.

Roberta Mazzariol, who is a partner and managing director of the company Atlas Advisors, says that the transition had been discussed for a long time and that it had been agreed that the 15 year anniversary would be a good time to transition. “I have great admiration for Leona’s charisma, dedication, integrity and heart. BrazilFoundation has grown and occupied a unique place in Brazil’s third sector under her leadership. I welcome the challenge, along with the team, to continue to expand BrazilFoundation’s operations.”

Leona will continue to be involved with the Foundation as a board member. Patricia Lobaccaro will remain as President and CEO, and Mônica de Roure as Executive Director in Brazil.

We would like to share the following message from our founder:

“A dream that you dream alone

Is just a dream that you dream alone

But a dream that you dream together

Is a reality “- Raul Seixas, singer, Brazilian composer

This is the genesis – the essence and purpose – of BrazilFoundation. In 2000, I dreamed of a bridge between Brazilians in New York and social leaders committed to improving lives in communities throughout Brazil. This bridge is BrazilFoundation.

On one side of the bridge, young Brazilian professionals in the U.S. embraced the dream by devoting their time, talent and resources to build this institution that is now a milestone in Brazilian philanthropy. On the other side in Brazil, we select projects in the areas of education, health, human rights, local development, and culture. Connected they form an impressive network of talent and expertise in every corner of Brazil. They represent the future of our country.

BrazilFoundation is recognized as a leader in philanthropy for its practices. With energy and enthusiasm, our committees in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Rio and São Paulo are exploring ways to make philanthropy more relevant, transparent and transformative, generating opportunities for those in Brazil who need them.

I feel blessed. The dream is being dreamed by more and more people, getting ever closer to reaching a reality of a better Brazil of which we all dream. I thank everyone who has accompanied us throughout these 15 years. “- Leona Forman

Roberta Mazzariol