We at the Foundation are fully immersed in our end of the year Believe in a Dream campaign, and we need your help! Every year, thousands of community leaders apply to BrazilFoundation for a grant in the hope of fulfilling the collective dreams of their communities. And we want to help them fulfill their dreams, but the truth is the Foundation only has the resources to award grants to 3% of the organizations that apply for funding.

Your belief in a dream will go a long way to helping us fund more social projects in 2014. With a donation of just $25, $50, $100 or more, you can help us raise US$20,000 to:

  • provide job training for young entrepreneurs
  • ensure that a rural community has access to clean water
  • improve the quality of community programs for the elderly.

You can make your donation here. We are immensely grateful for anything you can give: at BrazilFoundation we see our donors as partners who walk hand-in-hand with us in our mission to change the social reality of Brazil, one community at a time. As an expression of our gratitude, those who make a donation of more US$100  you will receive a copy of the recently-published book Brazil, Brasil: 10 Years – One Idea, Many Stories, written by Brazilian journalist Mauro Ventura.