The Bocha Association of Paraplegics of Uberlândia participated in the Regional Championship of Midwest Bocha and placed second overall.  The event, put on by the National Association of Sports for the Disabled (ANDE), happened July 12 – 15 and involved nearly 50 athletes from Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The Bocha Paralympics is created for disabled persons with severe physical impairment and, once again, they succeeded in making APARU the second place winner of the tournament with one gold, two silver, and one bronze medals.

With this success, athletes Daniele Martins, Clodoaldo Massardi, Luiz Humberto and Matheus Carvalho were accepted into the 14th Brazilian Championship of the Bocha Paralympics 2012, which will happen in Recife in October this year.

APARU has had athletes qualify for the elite National Bocha Paralympis for many years and has actively participated in international competitions like the Panamerican, American Cup, World Championship, World Cup, etc., always achieve great results.