Announcing Projects to Receive Support through Renova Partnership

13 projects from cities in eastern Minas Gerais and Baixo Guandu (ES) were selected in the first call for proposals

A BrazilFoundation announced this week the results of the first call for proposals to fund projects that promote socioeconomic development and entrepreneurship in cities in eastern Minas Gerais and Baixo Guandu, Espírito Santo. This initiative is through a partnership with Fundação Renova.

The Associação dos Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis Natureza Viva (ASCANAVI), in Governador Valadares, a city in the Rio Doce valley, is one of the grantees. Its project “Promoção Social na Gestão de Resíduos em Governador Valadares” aims to support independent entrepreneurs by providing them materials and equipment to promote waste sorting and for storing glass and increasing the volume of the paper they collect.

“ASCANAVI’s aim is to reuse recyclable materials, avoid accidents with broken glass found throughout facilities, increase income, and improve environmental awareness” says afirma Raquel Rodrigues da Silva, Coordinator at the Organization.

The Associação dos Agricultores Rurais in Ipaba, the Aço Valley, is another grantee. According to Iolanda Viera de Barros, President of the Associação, “The project intends to help rural families increase their incomes”.

Confectioner Márcia Frederico de Almeida Percílios applied for a grant for her family business Doces Artesanais Ilha da Fantasia, located in the city of Capixaba, in Baixo Guandu. Her business has been making and selling natural and artisanal sweets for 20 years.

With the grant, she says, she will be able to improve the quality of the sweets that they make. “Along with the quality, we also want to improve quality and the time it takes to make them. We also want to expand regionally and to other states. We intend to acquire materials and machines which will help to increase our production and income considerably” she says.

Here are the list of grantees:
Associação da Escola Família Agrícola de Camões
Associação de Artesãos Mãos do Povo
Associação de Cooperação Agrícola 1 de Junho
Associação de Produtores Rurais do Córrego Mutum Claro
Associação de Produtores Rurais do Córrego Mutum Preto
Associação do Assentamento Cachoeirinha (AAC)
Associação dos Agricultores Rurais de Ipaba
Associação dos Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis Natureza Viva (ASCANAVI)
Associação dos Pescadores e Amigos do Rio Doce (APARD)
Atelier Lar Doce Lar
Conselho de Desenvolvimento Comunitário do Barbosa (CCB)
Doces Artesanais Ilha da Fantasia
Mimos da Mari

About Renova Foundation

The Renova Foundation is the entity responsible for the mobilization of the reparation of the damages caused by the collapse of the Fundao dam in Mariana (MG). It’s a non-profit organization, the result of a legal commitment called Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term (TTAC). It defines the scope of action of the Renova Foundation, which are the 42 programs that unfold in the many projects that are being implemented in the 670 kilometers of impacted area along the Doce river and its tributaries. The ongoing actions are long-term and expected to take up to 10 years.

By establishing an organization dedicated exclusively to the reparation process, a robust governance model was also created, with more than 70 participating entities. The answers to each challenge are obtained together, and no party involved has control over the decision.

The Renova Foundation brings together technicians and specialists from different areas of knowledge, dozens of environmental entities and scientific knowledge from Brazil and other part of the world, totaling around 7 thousand people (among its own employees and partners) working in the reparation process, from Mariana to the Doce river mouth.