Transformation in Movement

BrazilFoundation in Action - Transformation in Movement

We’re now in the second phase of our efforts against COVID-19 through the campaign “BrazilFoundation in Action – Transformation in Movement”. 

At the moment, donations to this campaign will be directed to Expedicionários da Saúde, one of our partner organizations that is providing support to small hospitals and field hospitals in Roraima, Pará and Amazonas to help indigenous and riverine communities there who are experiencing alarming rates of COVID-19 infections.

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It will be years before Brazil can repair itself; our support is crucial for these social organizations to resume their work of pursuing social justice and equal opportunities in Brazil.

The Pandemic in Brazil

“The coronavirus pandemic has exposed Brazil’s profound social and racial inequalities. The pandemic’s resulting socioeconomic crisis has exacerbated the country’s existing food insecurity, putting communities at risk for long-lasting, negative social impacts such as increased child labor, school dropouts, youth unemployment and domestic violence, as well as weakened human rights protections.

Our objective is to provide another round of support for the initiatives in our network who have already received funds through our campaign.

Our efforts to fight COVID-19

We responded immediately to the pandemic. In March, we launched the campaign “BrazilFoundation in Action – Together Against COVID-19” and focused on bringing humanitarian support to vulnerable communities and minimizing the pandemic’s socioeconomic damages.


  • US$ 2.1 million + raised
  • 65 organizations supported in 18 states
  • 45,400+ families impacted
  • 246,000 people impacted
  • 110,000+ food baskets and hygiene kits distributed
  • 47,400+ meals provided


Funds received from “BrazilFoundation in Action – Together against COVID-19”, the first phase of our efforts to fight COVID-19, were distributed among 66 organizations in 18 states, benefiting more than 45,000 families through the distribution of more than 69,000 food baskets and hygiene products.

The resources we have received have been distributed to the following organizations:

Abraço Campeão, RJ | Acreditar, PE | Ação Educativa, SP | Amigos da Vida, DF | Associação Cultural, Social e Terapêutica da AMUREL – ACUSTRA, SC | Associação dos Amigos do Hospital Maternidade Infantil Presidente Vargas, RS | Associação do Projeto de Assentamento Pastorinhas, MG | Associação Educativa e Cultural de Igarapé, MG | Associação Fênix, PR | Associação Kanindé, RO | Associação Saúde Criança, RJ | Banco de Alimentos, RS | BlackRocks, SP | Casa do Rio, AM | Casa do Zezinho, SP | CENEP, PB | Cidade dos Meninos, MG | Circo Laheto, GO | Cozinheiros do Bem - Food Fighters, RS | Creche Recanto Feliz, MG | CUFA - Mães da Favela, RS | Fome de Aprender, RS | Frente CDD/ Coletivo Marginal/ NEAC, RJ | Frente de Assistência a Criança Carente – FACC/CUFA, CE | Fundação Faculdade de Medicina, SP | Fundação Angélica Goulart, RJ | Gabinete de Crise do Complexo do Alemão: Coletivo Papo Reto, Voz das Comunidades e Mulheres em Ação no Alemão, RJ | Gastromotiva - Cozinhas Solidárias, RJ | Grupo Cultura Urbana, RJ | IBEAC, SP | Instituto de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Social e Humano Metamorfose, MG | Movimento Mãe Águia, MS | Instituto MandaVer, AL | Instituto Naação, MG | Instituto Ramacrisna, MG | Lar Feliz, BA | Mulher em Construção, RS | Mulheres da Terra, PE/BA/SE | OELA, AM | Redes da Maré, RJ | Santa Casa de Porto Alegre, RS | Sociedade Espírita Bezerra de Menezes, RS | Um Chute para o Futuro, PR | UmRio, RJ | WimBelemDon, RS | Zagaia Amazônia, AM