Farmers “Embrace” the Semi-Arid in Act of Solidarity

Mr. Solon Arruda of the Riacho Verde community in Teixeira, Paraíba, has experienced firsthand the difficulties of living without proper water access. The semiarid climate and its sporadic rains leave entire communities in drought. Many families are left without water for agriculture or even drinking.

Maria Daguia Gomes had lived through droughts for many years until cisterns were installed in her community to capture and provide water for residents. The cisterns, a project of CEPFS, provided one year of water access for the community. CEPFS is an organization that uses technology to promote water sustainability for 10 cities in Paraíba.

Mr. Solon and Ms. Maria, farmers who were impacted by water access initiatives, decided now to help others by making their own donations through the “Abrace o Brasil”, campaign. 

“I’m very happy to be able to contribute to the campaign, because I was once helped through donations”, says Maria Daguia Gomes.

CEPFS is raising money through the Abrace o Brasil campaign to build more cisterns throughout Paraíba’s semi-arid region. You, too can “embrace” this cause! Make a donation and help provide water access to thousands of people in the semiarid.

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