{Abrace o Brasil} 2 Weeks of the Campaign

We’re two weeks now into the { Abrace o Brasil } campaign, our initiative to fundraise for 100 organizations in Brazil, and we have much to celebrate! Supporters from around the world are taking part; abraceobrasil.org has received more than 20,000 hits from 67 countries, and we’ve received more than 800 donations from our community across 7 countries. We send a huge THANK YOU to all the donors, partners, business and organizations that have helped the campaign get this far! The { Abrace o Brasil } campaign goes through Nov. 28th, and we invite everyone to join by “embracing” a cause in which they believe! Below are some ways in which you can participate.

Sign up for a Donation Can

Aside from making donations online, you can “embrace” Brazil by fundraising through donation cans and piggy banks. BrazilFoundation has produced more than 500 small donation cans for children and young adults to crowdfund from their friends, family, neighbors. Larger cans are also available for businesses to collect donations from clients and customers.

The Rilion Gracie academies in Miami have chosen to “embrace” Instituto da Criança. Rio Supermarket, in Astoria, New York, has chosen to “embrace” malnourished children by fundraising for CREN. Michelle of Rio Supermarket notes that their can was nearly filled after the first day, with customers giving donations upwards of US$10.

More than 500 children and families in the United States have signed up so far – some have already filled their cans. If you or your business is interested in participating in the donation can program, sign up here.

Become an Ambassador and share the campaign

Make a donation to an organization or your choice and post about it on social media with the hashtag #abraceobrasil. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to donate! Spreading the word will make the campaign grow and help organizations, who are performing important work in Brazil, to raise more funds.

These ambassadors have “embraced” a cause and are already helping make a difference in the campaigns. Which organization will you “embrace”? Find the one that’s perfect for you by searching by topic, thematic area, or state on the abraceobrasil.org portal.

{Abrace os doadores}

Several campaigns have already met 50% of their goal or more, thanks to donors like you. The campaign Abrace a Arquitetura na Periferia has already reached 25% of its R$30,000 goal. With the money raised, Arquitetos Sem Fronteiras will offer classes to women in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte in microfinance and management for them to improve their homes. The Abrace um Zezinho campaign has already reached 38% of its goal of R$ 10,000. This year, Casa do Zezinho had to cut 600 children from their program due to funding shortages. The amount they have raised in the campaign will help to re-enroll these students.

Learn about all of the campaigns here.