{abrace Minas Gerais} Campaign to Fundraise for Organizations in Brumadinho and Region

In response to the dam disaster on January 25th in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, BrazilFoundation launched {abrace Minas Gerais} (www.abraceobrasil.org), a campaign to mobilize resources for social initiatives in the Brumadinho region. The campaign aims to mobilize enough resources to fund four to six initiatives in the affected region. Every dollar donated will be matched by BrazilFoundation up to US$ 25,000.

This is not an emergency relief fund. BrazilFoundation’s vision is to maintain a long-term presence in the region, to provide civil society organizations with financial resources and technical support and to strengthen partnerships and networks, helping to create a legacy for a better quality of life in the region for years to come. “The campaign’s objective is for everyone to do what they can and to come together for the people who have been impacted” says Patricia Lobaccaro, President and CEO of BrazilFoundation.

The Call for Proposals

All BrazilFoundation grantees must pass through a rigorous selection process and are visited by the foundation’s monitoring team. The grantee leaders then receive training, and their projects are monitored throughout the grant cycle.

The Call for Proposals for Brumadinho aims to select between 4 and 6 initiatives with proposals to help the region rebuild and recover in the long-term.

The Call for Proposals is open through March 15, 2019. Organizations with proposals in the areas of Education and Culture, Health and wellbeing, Human Rights and Civic Engagement, and Socioeconomic Development are open to apply. More information about the Call for Proposals can be found in Portuguese at www.brazilfoundation.org/editalbrumadinho.

Minas Fund

BrazilFoundation has invested in projects in Minas Gerais since its founding in 2000. But since the dam disaster in Mariana in 2015, the foundation has intensified its focus there, when it was one of the first institutions to identify and support organizations there. In 2016 BrazilFoundation officially created the Minas Fund to support initiatives in the region, which soon expanded to support initiatives in the entire state. Since then, BrazilFoundation has held three benefit dinners in Belo Horizonte and invested R$ 850 mil in 22 initiatives in Minas Gerais in the areas of Education, Health, Entrepreneurship, Income Generation and Environmental Education.

Some of the organizations supported in Minas Gerais from  2016-2018:

Instituto Pelo Bem do Planeta e Cáritas Diocesana de Governador Valadares – Governador Valadares
Associação dos Hortifrutigranjeiros de Bento Rodrigues – AHOBERO
Coletivo MICA – Mídia, Identidade, Cultura e Arte
Associação Arquitetos Sem Fronteiras
Coletivo Um Minuto de Sirene
AEDAS – Associação Estadual de Defesa Ambiental e Social, de Mariana; Instituto de Permacultura Ecovida São Miguel – São Gonçalo de Rio das Pedras
Amigos de Iracambi – Rosário da Limeira
FA.VELA – Fundo de Aceleração para o Desenvolvimento Vela – Belo Horizonte
Doar Educa – Belo Horizonte
Embaixadores de Minas – de Belo Horizonte
Associação História em Construção – de Belo Horizonte
Instituto Mano Down – Belo Horizonte
Ação Solidária às Pessoas com Câncer – ASPEC -Belo Horizonte
Fiscalize Agora – Igarapé
Casa Criativa – Contagem
Centro Popular de Cultura e Desenvolvimento – CPCD – Araçuaí
Fabriqueta de Marcenaria – Araçuaí
Instituto Social Casa de Mãe – Nova Lima
Associação Move Cultura – Contagem
Pontes de Amor – Uberlândia.

Make a donation now: www.abraceobrasil.org/en/mg