BrazilFoundation held its first Hamptons Art Soiree. Karin Dauch, a board member at the Foundation, opened the doors of her beach house for an auction of art by Brazilian artists.


Paintings by Brazilian artists Kenny Sharf, Francesco Clemente, Nelson Leirner, Cleverson, and Cristina Canale were auctioned off. The collection of works was curated by Nessia Pope. Ralph Gibson, a famous American photographer, went home with the painting by Francesco Clemente. Architect Cristiana Mascarenhas took the painting by Cristina Canale.

Photographer Bernardo Carvalho, who also attended the party, auctioned off his photos, which were taken during a one month trip to the Amazon region. Carvalho visited two projects supported by BrazilFoundation; inspired by the majestic rainforest and Amazon river, he produced the series of photographs “Reflections,” purchased by our generous supporters. All told, the event raised US$ 25,000, which is enough to support one of the Foundation’s projects for one year.


AmbienteDSC_0958Photos de Bernardo CarvalhoLeilao de parede e concuradoria de Nessia PopeDSC_0913 Bernardo fala de sua viagem de 4 semans pela amazonaKarin Dauch, Ricardo Sirigatti e Alexia BomtempoDSC_0896    Arquitetura