Sonia Kenna, a Brazilian living in the United States, founded the “A Heart for Kids Ministry” to help children in Brazil who live in poor communities and suffer from malnutrition. During a recent trip to Arapiraca, Alagoas, to oversee construction of a daycare center, Sonia witnessed several cases of child labor, with many of the children working in tobacco harvesting and production Naturally, she was very moved from this experience. “They work to survive. I witnessesd a two-year old boy handling the tobacco leaves to help his parents”” she said in an interview with the Foundation.

Nonetheless, Sonia remains motivated; she organized a fundraising dinner and managed to raise US$ 8 thousand dollars, which will go towards the construction of the daycare center in Alagoas through the BrazilFoundation Donor Advised program. Congratulations, Sonia, for your beautiful work and dedication.

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