Centro de Arte e Promoção Social (CAPS) held its 6th poetry procession on October 25th, spreading culture throughout the streets in the southern region of São Paulo. From Grajaú to Parelheiros, 200 people, 20 cars, two buses and one van participated in the poetry reading that lasted 12 hours.

Created by poet and educator Maria Vilani, Founder of CAPS, the procession honored Carolina Maria de Jesus, one of the greatest writers of Brazil. “This particular procession was one of the most exciting, due to the number of cultural collectives involved and because of the honoree – the writer, poet and songwriter Carolina Maria de Jesus. Since she used to be a garbage collector, she is someone who represents low-income communities. ”

The group left the headquarters of the CAPS, stopping in Sarau Clamarte, in the Sítio Carolina Maria de Jesus, and moved on in their poetic procession to the central square of Parelheiros. On the way, they recited poetry, played music and performed theatrical skits.

Maria Vilani says that the idea of the procession came to her in 1991, when there nothing in the neighborhood of Grajau, not even basic sanitation. “There was no joy in the neighborhood during this time when there were political campaigns. Cars would come to the neighborhood with speakers and the people would come out from their homes to enjoy it.” That’s when the idea was born for a procession to share art.

The event also brought together leaders whose projects are supported by BrazilFoundation, and who are working to transform Brazil. Mestre Magrão, from Filhos da Corrente, brought youths and children to a capoeira and maculelê presentation at the last stop of the motorcade.